martes, 22 de septiembre de 2009

In his new book, Richard Dawkins sets out to convince the unconvinced that evolution is true. Will he succeed?

Richard Dawkins is ready, apparently, to reach out. After sparking global controversy with his take-no-prisoners defense of atheism, The God Delusion, the Cambridge biologist has written a new book, The Greatest Show on Earth (Free Press, September 22), which presents an eloquent and accessible narrative of the facts supporting evolution. This time he’s not preaching to the choir: Dawkins aims to educate creationists and fence-sitters in hopes that the burden of evidence will change minds. With more than 40 percent of Americans rejecting evolution, his task is a heavy one. And considering Dawkins’ reputation, will anyone who’s undecided even bother picking up his book?

Comentario breve: ¿40%? Parece increible ! Bueno, cierto la teoria de la evolución tal vez no es suficiente explicacion pero de ahi a apoyar el creacionismo :(

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