miércoles, 8 de diciembre de 2010

Support a friend's work: Jia-Jen Lin.

My practice investigates the psychological distance between artificial life and our physical sensations. By way of collecting, modifying, and representing information and materials from everyday experiences, I develop a series of works integrating sculpture, performance, and digital media.Mass-produced products and mechanical systems are manipulating our daily life and our physical sensations. We are not aware of the loss of intimate connections with our physical body, but we know we cannot live without technology.

Wearable structure and video performance as methods to investigate the potential visual dialogues between the body and the materials combined with the body. I would like to draw the attention to the initial stage: to investigate the possibilities between the material world and our physical selves.

In this work the crossing of the boundaries of media and categories becomes not only necessary, but natural. The readily available products of our society become my palette for representing the forms of the natural and for investigating relationships between people and between people and the technological

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